Arab Maghreb Union: creation of remote sensing and early warning systems

Date: 08/05/2010
Following the work of the 10th annual meeting of the directors of Institutes of Meteorology in the countries of the Arab Maghreb Union (AMU), recently held in Tripoli (Libya), it was agreed to conduct an assessment study of the situation of meteorological institutes in the countries of the Union.

The works of the meeting also witnessed the establishment of a training program for Maghribi officials in the sector, with a view to introduce them to new technologies.

In addition, several Maghribi teams specialized in the study of extreme climate events, will benefit from a program whose development was announced during the meeting.

Despite the achievements in this sector including the links between the Maghribi centers of meteorology and exchange of information about marine forecasts, participants in the Tripoli meeting stressed the need to improve the accuracy of immediate weather forecasts particularly those related to the most dangerous aspects of the climate.

Stakeholders recommended the creation of radar images of each Maghribi country and periodic broadcast every 15 or 30 minutes, so as to facilitate the instant analysis of weather.

Referring to the issue of the development of human resources, the works of the meeting led to the exploit of the regional center of Oran in Algeria specialized in training in the meteorology sector and in meeting national and Maghribi needs in the sector, in order to establish a remote sensing and early warning systems in the Maghreb.